“Welcome to the Complete Family Podcast”

Hopefully, if we’re doing our job (fingers crossed) those will be the exact words you’ll tune in to hear to every week. Paula and I have been dreaming for years about expressing and channeling our collective creative energy, but each with full-time jobs and four children running around many times, just making it through the day was the accomplishment. So, after much thought, we’ve decided to take a dive off the deep end with “The Complete Family” podcast.

‘The Complete Family’ is a weekly podcast busting with content we felt passionate about how to make sure your life is working for you and not the opposite. Each episode features diverse and various topics including reoccurring episode segments called “Pay Attention,” “Travel Tips” and “Look Alive!”

In our efforts, we’ve truly contemplated the meaning of ‘Family‘. We recognize that entitling our podcast ‘The Complete Family’ may seem like we’re segmenting our audience. But, Paula and I truly feel that gone are the days of the nuclear family including two kids and dog. Family, now, includes friends, co-workers and anyone else you may share details of your life with. It’s our dear hope that the topics we present to our listeners are not only concepts for ‘family’ management, but tips and tricks you’d share with a neighbor, or topics to whip out when breaking the dreaded ice in situations. Just by listening to this podcast and subscribing you’ve increased our family total by one (we just can’t fund your school tuition we’ve already got enough of that around here).