Episode 1
April 13, 2018

Released on Mar 30, 2018

Zack and Paula Harwell are married spouses of 22-years, have 4 children (College, High School, Middle School, and Elementary School), and work full-time from their virtual offices. They guide you on a journey that details the joys and challenges of relationships, parenting, work, love, and adventure in a contemporary family that exceeds the old, established notions of family that included only parents, kids, and pets. Rather, their modernized definition of family includes friends, co-workers, significant others and anyone else you choose to include in your life.

They discuss family interactions, health and cooking techniques, technology in the home, money-saving ideas, travel tips, and much more. The Complete Family launched on April 1, 2018 and releases new episodes every Wednesday. Join Zack and Paula in on the conversation at completefamilypodcast@gmail.com or on their website: complete-family.com.

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